For Semiconductor - Fine Pitch

Features of Fine Pitch

Fine Pitch

For MARATHON series, we have ultra-fine spring probes with high quality for small lot order and in short lead time. We have product range from probe outer diameter 0.11mm.

Specifications of Fine Pitch

Catalog/Others Pitch(mm) Total Length(mm) Top Plunger Spring Force(gf) Operating Travel(mm) Life Span(Cycle) C-RES (ohm)(Average) Operating(Temp(℃)) Max Current((A) Continuous) Bandwidth@-1dB(GHz)
Material Plating
Catalog 0.15 4.7 Pd Alloy - 6 0.4 100K ≦0.5 -45~125 0.2 9.8@0.2mm ピッチ
Catalog Pd Alloy -
Catalog 0.25 4.2 Pd Alloy - 14 0.3 80K ≦0.2 -45~125 0.3 29.0
Catalog Pd Alloy -
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