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KITA is manufacturing company specializing in spring probes for testing semiconductor devices and PCB with the top market share in the domestic spring probe market.
KITA mainly manufactures and sells Spring Probes for testing semiconductor devices and PCB, which are utilized daily in peoples lifestyles everyday. This tiny little item called “Spring probe” continuosly supports the development and ongoing changes within the semiconductor industry. We also manufacture cleaning brush for IC socket maintenance and machined parts, such as positioning pin and photo pin. Please feel free to contact us about precision machining capabilities and products.
Our integrated in-house system provides high quality and short lead time.
Within our factory, our capabilities include design, engineering, manufacturing and sales.Our experienced professionals from various backgrounds will provide the best solution possible for you.

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Manufacturing company specialized in Spring Probe
- Precise design and proposal with well-equipped analysis environment-
KITA Manufacturing’s “Spring probe” supports the development of semiconductor industry.
Spring Probe Experts