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Features of High Current

High Current

We have spring probes for high current. Available pitches for these are 2.54mm and 3mm. They can be used under more than 10A.Current rating for each pitch: 16A (2.54mm pitch) / 20A (3mm pitch)

Specifications of High Current

Catalog/Others Pitch(mm) Total Length(mm) Series Operating Travel(mm) Spring Force(gf) Initial Force(gf) Max Stroke(mm) Life Span(Cycle) C-Res(mohm)(typ.) Current Rating(A)(typ.) Operating Temp(℃)
Catalog 2.54 32.9 高電流 4.27 150 76 6.35 100K 20 16 -45~140
Catalog 3 33 4.2 200 69 6.3 200K 20
Catalog 126 43
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