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Features of High Current / High Temperature

High Current / High Temperature

We have spring probes, which can be used for high temperature and high current test under 200 degree and shows high performance in them. Please click here if you need to change ordinary probe to High current and High temperature probe.

Specifications of High Current / High Temperature

Catalog/Others Pitch(mm) Total Length(mm) Top Plunger Spring Force(gf) Operating Travel(mm) Life Span(Cycle) C-RES (ohm)(Average) Operating(Temp(℃)) Max Current((A) Continuous) Bandwidth@-1dB(GHz)
Material Plating
Catalog 0.4 5.7 BeCu Au 13 0.65 1000K ≦0.1 -45~200 3.3 12.8
Catalog 0.5 5.7 ≦0.05 4.4 9.2
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