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Features of Nanotek series

Fine stainless wire brush for IC socket maintenance, “Nanotek” series

For “Nanotek” series, we have fine stainless wire brush called Nanotek Brush for IC socket maintenance. We also have “Nanotek Vacuum” which is nanotech brush combined with vacuum cleaner powered by your compressor or vacuum pump. Fine wires go into the gap of complicated shaped plunger tip and do excellent job of removing stuck solders on plungers by brush’s hardness and firm texture. We have 15types for Nanotek brush and 6types for Nanotek vacuum. Please choose what best suits your situation decided by how dirty the plunger is or I/O layout (location of connection terminal).

  • NANOV-A1

  • NANOV-B1

Features of Nanotek series

Nanotek Blush

Wire Holder O.D. Bristle O.D.
0.03mm 0.04mm 0.05mm
1mm NANO-1-003 NANO-1-004 NANO-1-005
2mm NANO-2-003 NANO-2-004 NANO-2-005
3mm NANO-3-003 NANO-3-004 NANO-3-005
4mm NANO-4-003 NANO-4-004 NANO-4-005
5mm NANO-5-003 NANO-5-004 NANO-5-005

Nanotek Vacuum

Model type Bristle O.D.
0.03mm 0.04mm 0.05mm
Air Supply: Compressed NANOV-A1-003 NANOV-A1-004 NANOV-A1-005
Air Supply: Vacuum NANOV-B1-003 NANOV-B1-004 NANOV-B1-005
Replacement Blush NANOV-R1-003 NANOV-R1-004 NANOV-R1-005
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